From Seed to Supplement: The Difference that Traceability Makes

Convenient and easy to take, supplements can empower each of us to live our healthiest life. Medical researchers have long recommended the use of supplements to close nutrition gaps in our diets, concluding that regular supplement use is a sensible choice for many people.

But what makes a supplement effective?

What are the ingredients and where do they come from?

How do you know that they can live up to their promises?


Nutrilite Can Answer All of Those Questions… and More

Careful tracking of seeds, plants, farms, water and nutrients provides information about products from seed to serving. The company policy is to go beyond industry recommendations and requirements to assure customers that Amway stands behind its product promises.

Start With the Seeds

According to Amanda Hennerty, NutriCert™ Project Manager at Nutrilite Global Agribusiness, traceability is essential. Hennerty explains:

Many of our botanicals – or plant-based ingredients – are grown on nearly 6,000 acres of Amway farms in the U.S., Mexico and Brazil. For those products, it’s easy because we know exactly how they’ve been handled. We know about the seed, the soil, the water, the fertilizers and the processing. We can – and do – document all of that information.

But we can’t grow everything we need, so we also buy ingredients from suppliers, and that’s where our traceability initiative becomes important.

Right now, we can trace more than 90 percent of our functional botanicals back to their farm source. The majority of those farm sources have also been audited through our NutriCert program.

Traceability Isn’t Easy, but It Matters

At Nutrilite (and Amway), traceability is a rigorous process of documentation and is required for every botanical supplier. It’s an important part of the NutriCert Certification Standards and auditing process, which are exclusive to Nutrilite and are based on the principles that Carl Rehnborg used to establish his own farm.

NutriCert Certification in Action

While many of the ingredients for Nutrilite™ supplements are grown on Amway organic farms, some are not so practical to grow ourselves.

Strategic sourcing teams at Nutrilite determine which botanicals are best to grow and process on Amway farms and which are best to source externally. The obvious choices for external sourcing are the functional botanicals that require special region-specific growing conditions. Many crops in this category are known as wildcrafted botanicals.

How NutriCert Certification Sets Nutrilite Supplements Apart

The traceability initiative for functional botanicals goes beyond industry requirements and regulations because Nutrilite and Amway know and understand the processes of every single tier in the supply chain down to the farm level.

Current industry standards, as outlined in the Dietary Supplement Current Good Manufacturing Practice (21 CFR 111) and the Food Safety Modernization Act (Section 204) only require documentation from immediate tier suppliers, but there is no requirement to trace all the way back to the farm. Amway digs deeper by following botanicals from the time they were seeds.



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