From Seed To Supplement: Why Nutrilite?

There’s no shortage of nutritional supplements on the market today. But choosing the best ones can be a challenge. After all – it’s not easy to look at bottles and know which ones are the most effective, or which ones use ingredients you can trust.

So what’s different about Nutrilite?

Total quality control

One thing that sets Nutrilite supplements apart, is our commitment to quality. This commitment is so ingrained in the way we do business, that we are the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest, and process plants on our own certified organic farms.

Why? Because at Nutrilite, we believe in the value of controlling every step of the growing and production process, from seed to supplement!

1) Seed

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It starts with specially selected seeds, planted in the right soil, and at the right depth.

2) Organic Farms


We follow organic, sustainable farming practices, allowing our plants to create more phytonutrients to give you effective health benefits.

3) Harvest


We harvest and process plants at their peak, using whichever parts (seeds, skin, or even the whole plant) have the best phytonutrient profile.

4) Formulate


Our scientists are constantly innovating new ways to elevate our natural ingredients by combining essential vitamins and minerals with plant-based phytonutrients.

Why it matters

With the best quality ingredients, Nutrilite is able to deliver supplements that are effective and safe — so you can enjoy the benefits.


Find yours!

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