From Seed to Supplement: Wildcrafting Botanical Ingredients

What is “wildcrafting”?

Wildcrafting is an operation specific to harvesting botanicals from a defined natural or wild area that is not actively cultivated. NutriCert program guidelines help ensure that ingredients used by Nutrilite are harvested using sustainable practices that do not diminish the existence or productivity of the wild botanical.

An example of a wildcrafted botanical ingredient

In NUTRILITE Cal Mag D Advanced, we use naturally calcified seaweed harvested from glacial fjords off the coast of Iceland. This is one of nature’s most concentrated botanical sources of calcium and magnesium.

Being good, sustainable-minded stewards of the environment

Even in the waters off Iceland, Nutrilite certifies that the supplier meets the high NutriCert standards, ensuring that sustainable environmental and agricultural practices are followed. Amway even knows that harvesting crews use advanced GPS technology to gather the seaweed while protecting other delicate sea life.

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