Setting Uncommon Standards for Quality Every Step of the Way

NUTRILITE goes above and beyond to bring you only the highest quality in supplements. We do this by controlling where we get our ingredients. It all starts from the ground up.


There are over 6,300 acres of certified organic NUTRILITE farmland. Plants are grown and harvested in accordance with nature – using sustainable, chemical-free methods.


NUTRILITE plants are dehydrated and processed within hours of harvest, using special methods and state-of-the-art equipment to capture phytonutrients.

Measurable Quality

Good manufacturing practices and a team of quality-assurance experts ensure high quality standards for the NUTRILITE brand – so that the supplements produced each month meet precise specifications for quality, potency, size, weight, and hardness.

Nutrition Science Leaders

The search for new concentrates and better formulations remains a constant quest for NUTRILITE scientists and researchers. Their innovative work remains the driving force that keeps NUTRILITE products at the forefront.

“Just-in-time” Freshness

Instead of storing our products for months in warehouses, they are carefully packaged and shipped soon after production, to maintain freshness.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You can rest assured that you are getting the best in supplements because we stand behind our products with a 180-day 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

The NUTRILITE Seed to Supplement Cycle

How do we continue to be the No. 1 selling brand of vitamin and dietary supplements in the world?

  • Start with a commitment to organic and sustainable farming
  • Harvest and process plants to ensure peak phytonutrients
  • Use whole plants, including seeds and skin, to obtain maximum nutrient levels
  • Employ over 200 innovative scientists to elevate our natural ingredients
  • Combine essential vitamins and minerals with phytonutrients from over 170 plants
  • Perform over 500,000 quality checks each year for safety, purity, and identity.


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