Trusting Nutrilite Product Claims: Natural Compounds

How do you know you can believe the claims we make about Nutrilite nutritional supplements? We’ve already given you an overview of our in-house validation process and why it’s important — and today, you’ll learn about the value of the natural compounds we use in our products!


Why phytonutrients matter

At Nutrilite, we use healthful dietary components called phytonutrients in our supplements. Phytonutrients are natural compounds found in fruits and vegetables. They give these foods their diverse colors, and they promote a wide range of health benefits when we eat them.

In fact, phytonutrients do everything from supporting the health of our eyes and cardiovascular systems, to fighting off free radicals.

What about synthetic ingredients?

At Nutrilite, we’re committed to leveraging the best of nature and the best of science. So our supplements contain naturally healthful phytonutrients derived directly from plant sources, alongside synthetic ingredients to ensure that you’re getting these nutrients in the quantities your body needs.

We do this to avoid the downfalls of using synthetic ingredients alone. Because supplements that contain only synthetic ingredients — rather than combining them with plant materials — lack the many beneficial phytonutrients that come from natural plant sources. Acerola cherry, for example, contains hundreds of phytonutrients.

“Phytonutrients impart their many health benefits by working together,” explains Dr. Amit Chandra, Distinguished Scientist and Amway Research and Development Manager. “The word ‘holistic’ is important.” It would be cheaper to produce products with only synthetic nutrients, but “then you would be losing out on the efficacy of that botanical from a holistic point of view,” he said.

Testing phytonutrient content

Amway scientists use a technique called “phytochemical fingerprinting,” a laboratory test using state-of-the-art chromatography technology to identify and benchmark unique phytonutrients present in botanical ingredients.

Watch how it works!

The process is complicated, but the results are simple: We’re ensuring that the right natural compounds exist in the right amounts to help support your optimal health!

Learn more

Do you get enough of the essential natural compounds found in fruits and vegetables? Take the Phytonutrient Challenge!

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